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Better Estate Planning

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

An effective estate plan has many benefits and involves recognizing four challenges: death, outliving resources, emergencies, and mental or physical disability.


How To Fund Your Living Trust

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Many people choose a living trust in their estate plan. However, major mistakes can be made when they do not properly fund their trusts.


Storing Your Estate Planning Documents

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Gathering necessary paperwork in one location will save your loved ones an irritating game of “find the forms” after your death. This is the perfect time to decide on a safe place to store all your estate-planning documents.


Common (and Costly) Estate Planning Mistakes

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Mistakes are often made with the best of intentions. Here are some estate planning mistakes you can avoid now to save yourself (and family) a fortune later.


How To Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Individuals who purchase “estate plans” at seminars are rarely properly served. Seminars should be attended for educational purposes and not for the purchasing of an “estate plan.”