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Employment and Labor Law

We offer a full range of employment and labor law services. We offer legal counsel on employment relationships to employers of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

Our attorneys apply proven experience and employment law skills to prevent employment and labor problems by establishing policies and procedures that keep our clients in compliance with the law. We educate and guide our clients through the complex set of federal and state labor laws and provide our clients with aggressive representation, if litigation is necessary.

We believe that the best approach to employment law problems is to minimize and eliminate the causes of employee dissatisfaction, regulatory action, and ensuing litigation. We work together with our clients’ human resources staff to create personnel practices and policies that minimize exposure to employee complaints, governmental agency actions and other related problems, and inform employees about their workplace and procedures. We advise our clients on what the law requires on issues like wage claims, discrimination, harassment, disability and family leave. We can review and determine our client’s compliance with its legal obligations related to labor and employment law issues.

With a strong team of employment and labor law attorneys guiding your business, you can avoid the expense of citations, fines and litigation. Taking this proactive step can limit financial losses and preserve your positive reputation in your community. Learn more about labor law representation options by contacting Barney McKenna & Olmstead at 435-628-1711.

How Our St. George Employment Attorneys Can Help You

The St. George labor law attorneys at Barney McKenna & Olmstead can help you navigate the complex state and federal laws governing your business. We serve clients in St. George and throughout Utah, and we are also licensed in California, Arizona, Washington, and Nevada. It is important that you have an attorney experienced in the state where your business is located.

There are two ways to handle employment law problems – prevent them or respond to them. Our goal is to protect your company from unnecessary legal disputes.

Whether problems are caused by rogue managers who are ignorant of employee protection laws, a misunderstanding of an employee-manager encounter, or poorly implemented policies, our goal is to find a reasonable solution that limits damage to your business and protects you from problems in the future.

Human Resources Collaboration to Avoid Workplace Issues

Prevention is the best way to handle employment law problems. When a company’s policies, and management style are aligned with state and federal law and best practices in human resources management, both the employer and employee benefit. Employees enjoy a safe and productive workplace with the confidence that their rights are protected. Employers enjoy the increased productivity that comes from a well-managed business while avoiding distracting disputes and legal expenses. We regularly work with business owners and human resources professionals to:

  • Create personnel practices and policies that minimize exposure to employee complaints, governmental agency actions, and related problems
  • Assist in the creation of handbooks, policy summaries, and other communication tools that keep employees informed and involved
  • Advise on what the law requires on issues like discrimination, harassment, family leave, disability accommodation, and wage and hour issues
  • Determine your company’s compliance with its legal obligations

The Services We Provide

Our attorneys can help your business in multiple areas related to human resources and employment law including:

  • Counseling and training employers on how to minimize their risk of lawsuits
  • Employee handbooks and policy manuals
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Employment contracts
  • Confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Family Medical Leave Act and other leave issues
  • Americans with Disability Act and disability accommodation
  • Sexual harassment and other Title VII based claims
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage claims
  • Severance agreements
  • Arbitration and mediation

Explore a Range of Solutions

Our team takes an in-depth look at each situation to develop a plan. We handle issues in a quick, private manner that allows your business to keep running smoothly with minimal disruptions. In many cases, either mediation or arbitration are the best option. These options allow employers and employee to handle legal issues outside the courtroom.

If you are faced with a lawsuit from an employee, our team of St. George employment attorneys are competent trial lawyers with extensive experience in employment law matters.

Call Barney McKenna & Olmstead for Proven Employment Representation

Choose the employment attorneys you can trust to handle all of your regulatory needs and labor disputes. Contact Barney McKenna & Olmstead online or call us at 435-628-1711 to find out how we can help you.