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Wills and Trusts Lawyers in St. George, Utah

The wills lawyers at Barney McKenna & Olmstead in St. George, Utah can assist you with writing your last will and testament. It is never too soon to write your will and begin planning your estate. A will lawyer can review your estate, and help you make your wishes known so that your legacy is honored after you pass away. Writing a will can mean so much more than just telling your loved ones who will get what after you pass away. A will can also be a place where you write about your wishes for how pets should be cared for and where you write down your wishes for how you want your minor children to be cared for should you pass away. The wills lawyers at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah can also review your estate and help you create the best possible estate plan for your needs. While most individuals will find a will sufficient, some individuals may be better served by the establishment of a trust. For example, with a trust, the heirs don’t have to go to probate, which can save your family members time and money. However, a trust isn’t right for everyone. Trusts can be more costly and require ongoing management. The wills lawyers at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah can take the time to understand your unique needs and guide you and your family in the right direction.

What Should I Include in my Will?

There are several things you’ll want to consider including in your will. While some things will seem readily obvious: like including real estate, cars, and major items, and naming heirs, other aspects sometimes get overlooked. For example, if you have minor children, have you noted who you want to be guardians of your children should you pass away when your child is still a minor? Have you spoken to these individuals? Have you included a provision for how your pets will be cared for? In most states pets are considered property, so a pet provision, when properly written, can ensure not only that the right caretaker gets your pet, but that there is money set aside to care for your pet during its lifetime. You’ll also want to account for all beneficiaries when writing your will. This means that if you want to donate part of your estate to charity, or give some assets to friends, you’ll need to account for these wishes in your will. Finally, you’ll also want to name an executor of your will. Often this will be a trusted family member, but sometimes individuals don’t want to put this burden on their family, so they will name a professional or lawyer to handle these matters.

These are just some general provisions, and don’t take into account your specific circumstances. While online templates can help you with some of the general situations that arise when writing a will, a wills lawyer can review your situation in detail and address any additional questions that may arise. For example, if you already have a will, and want to update it or create a new one, a lawyer can write your will in a manner to ensure that the most recent will is the one that should be validated during probate, so there isn’t confusion. You’ll also need to have the will properly witnessed and signed. Failure to take into account these details can lead to disputes or litigation.

Finally, if your estate plan contains unorthodox or unusual provisions, a wills lawyer can review your will to ensure details are accounted for. For example, if you do not want to leave your property to immediate family members, but rather to a friend or other person, then you’ll want to reach out to a wills lawyer. These types of wills are most at risk of being contested, so having a lawyer by your side as you write your will can help. BMO Law Firm is a wills law firm in St. George, Utah that can assist you with the process of writing your will. Reach out to our wills attorneys today to learn more.

Trust Lawyers in St. George, Utah

BMO Law Firm is a trust law firm in St. George, Utah that can assist you with establishing a trust. Individuals with significant estates or those who own property in multiple states may use a trust to help their heirs reduce their tax burden or prevent their loved ones from having to go through the probate process in multiple states. Trusts can often be more complex to create than a will, and they aren’t the right solution for everyone, even though they have the real benefit of helping the family avoid probate and creating a degree of privacy about the transfer of assets. That said, smaller estates may still be better served by a will. Do you have questions about whether establishing a trust as your estate plan is right for you? Reach out to the trust lawyers at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah today. Our trust law firm can help you with every step of your estate plan.