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Construction Law

The construction law attorneys in St. George, UT, at Barney McKenna & Olmstead have extensive experience in representing owners and contractors in planning and carrying out their public and private construction projects.

Our clients range from family-owned and closely-held businesses to one of the largest construction corporations in the State of Utah.

We are often involved at the earliest stages of development. We’re confident that our representation will bring you peace of mind and let you focus on what you do best.

Representing Professionals at Every Level of the Construction Industry

Our construction attorneys work with professionals that fill roles in every part of the construction industry including:

  • Owners
  • Real estate investors
  • Developers
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Construction managers
  • Financial institutions
  • Landlords
  • Architects
  • Material suppliers
  • Engineers

We understand what’s at stake in each construction project. Our client’s success is the most important thing to us. We know what our clients stands to lose should a project fall through. Our goal is to protect our client’s financial interests and professional reputation. When disputes arise or a lawsuit is eminent, we are prepared to fight for you with our full-service team of construction litigation attorneys in St. George, UT.

Services We Provide

Whether you’re looking for a firm to build a long-standing relationship with and provide input on every project or a one-time engagement to review your contracts, we’re here to help. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Real estate development
  • Construction finance, consulting, and design agreements
  • Requests for proposals
  • General and subcontractor agreements
  • Construction defect and construction litigation
  • Assistance with disputes, from negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to litigation
  • Mechanic’s lien claims
  • Payment bonds and performance bonds
  • Government contracts and claims

If you’re ready to move forward on your next construction project, let’s talk. Call Barney McKenna & Olmstead at 435-628-1711 and set up a time to talk to one of our construction law attorneys in St. George, UT, now.

Contract Drafting and Review

Strong, enforceable contracts are the cornerstone of any construction project. Our team is ready to read through your contracts, ensure that they protect your best interests, and assist with the negotiation of terms included in the contract. Our experience ranges from design and build agreements to construction management contracts and subcontract agreements.

Employment and Insurance Needs

You have a lot to manage in your business including employment of professionals and subcontractors. Strong agreements, contracts and policies are essential. Due to our experience in both general employment law and construction law, we are able to meet the broader needs of your company and the construction-specific issues that may arise.

There’s a lot of money at stake in any construction job, and our experienced construction attorneys can review and give you advice on your insurance policies, liability insurance, hold harmless agreements, indemnification agreements, and bonds, as well as many other aspects of the construction industry.

Construction Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes and claims arise in the construction industry. When issues can be handled via informal negotiations, mediation, or arbitration, we will promote those options as a cost effective manner in which to resolve a dispute. If litigation is required, we will adequately and thoroughly prepare your case to protect your interests. During and after the completion of a construction project, a variety of disputes may arise. Our team of attorneys handles disputes between contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, financial institutions, material suppliers and other professionals in the construction industry.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing representation or assistance with one standalone project, it’s crucial to choose a firm with significant experience in the construction industry. When you choose Barney McKenna & Olmstead, you can feel confident that your construction project is in safe and capable hands. While we are headquartered in St. George, UT, we are also licensed in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Washington.

Contact Barney McKenna & Olmstead Today

The earlier you bring a construction attorney into a project, the easier it is to avoid missteps and issues that may lead to litigation or delays down the road. Wherever you are in your current build or your firm, it’s the right time to set up a consultation with the team at Barney McKenna & Olmstead. Schedule your meeting now by sending us a message online or calling us at 435-628-1711.