Preserve Your Legacy. BMO Law Firm has one of the largest and most successful estate planning legal practices in Southern Utah and South Eastern Nevada. As Estate Law grows continually complex, our estate planning practices are equally diverse in assisting clients with their matters. Begin planning your legacy today. Reach out to Barney, McKenna, & Olmstead, estate planning lawyers in St. George, Utah.
Whether you need assistance writing a will, need to decide whether a trust might be a better solution for your estate planning needs, or need assistance planning for incapacity with powers of attorney and living wills, the estate planning attorneys at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah are here to help. We also help individuals and families with the probate process. If a loved one has passed away and you are facing going through probate, the estate attorneys at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah may be able to assist you.
In addition, many people believe their circumstances aren’t enough to warrant an estate plan, which could not be further from the truth. Most of our estate clients are average people, looking to protect their legacy for their business or family. Even if you have a small estate, a will and power of attorney can make clear your wishes to family and loved ones, and help your family, should you become too ill to make medical decisions on your own behalf.
If you pass away without a will, intestate laws will divide your estate. This means that state law decides who gets what, not you. The estate planning lawyers at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah can assist you with your estate planning needs, whether your estate planning needs are modest, or more complex and require financial planning instruments like a trust.

What an Estate Lawyer Can Do For You in St. George, Utah

What can an estate lawyer do for you and your family? An estate planning law firm can review your estate, take a close look at your unique situation, and determine the best course of action given your estate planning needs. Proper estate planning can not only save your family unnecessary litigation and stress after you pass away, it can also possibly reduce your estate tax burden. While it may be possible to write a will using online tools, not every person’s needs are simple, and templates may not always address all your needs or take into account your family’s unique requirements. Furthermore, a will alone is often not always the best solution for some estate plans. In some cases, a trust, or a trust and will combination, would be a better estate plan for your family. An estate planning law firm in St. George, Utah can assist you with this.
An estate planning law firm can also assist you with end-of-life planning. If you or someone you love has a terminal illness or has a progressive illness, proper end-of-life planning is essential. With proper end-of-life planning, you can put in place powers of attorney that offer guidance for your loved ones regarding medical care you would and would not like to receive. Proper end-of-life planning also includes provisions for how loved ones and family members can help manage your financial affairs should you become too ill to make decisions for yourself.
It is never too soon to begin estate planning. BMO Law Firm is an estate planning law firm in St. George, Utah that may be able to assist you. We are here to help. Here are some ways we help families and individuals plan their estates:
  • Comprehensive and Diverse Estate Plans
  • Wills, Trusts: IRA Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts.
  • Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Asset Protection and Tax Savings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Fiduciary Appointments
  • Elder Law
  • Lifetime Gift Planning
  • Probate Procedures
With so many options available, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if all you thought you needed was a will. For many individuals and families, a will is sufficient. But in some cases, you can save your family stress, money, and even taxes, with more complex estate plans. BMO Law Firm is an estate planning law firm in St. George, Utah that may be able to assist you.

Estate Litigation Lawyers in St. George, Utah

The best way to prevent estate litigation is to get your estate plan right with the help of an estate planning lawyer. An estate planning lawyer can help you structure your will, your trusts, and your estate plan to prevent estate litigation. Yet, sometimes families dispute a will, and sometimes estate litigation comes up after a person passes away. If your family is facing estate litigation, or if a will is disputed during the probate process, an estate litigation lawyer in St. George, Utah may be able to help. BMO Law Firm is an estate litigation law firm that can assist you and your family if a will is disputed or if you are facing litigation during the probate process. Losing a loved one can be tough enough. Facing litigation after a loved one passes away is a unique kind of stress. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the process alone. The estate litigation lawyers in St. George, Utah are here for you.

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Proper estate planning can protect your legacy, make your wishes clear to loved ones and family members, and even save your family stress and money after you pass away. A proper estate plan doesn’t just consider your estate, but also considers end-of-life planning and the unique challenges that can arise. After all, if you suddenly become too sick to make decisions on your own behalf, have you decided which family member will manage your estate? Do you know who will pay your bills and manage your money? Have you decided what kind of medical treatment you want? The estate planning attorneys at BMO Law Firm in St. George, Utah are here to help you. Our attorneys can review your situation, offer you guidance, and help you plan your estate so your legacy is preserved and your wishes are honored.




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