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Tag Archives: Estate Planning


Thanksgiving Gratitude and Estate Planning

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Getting your affairs in order is an expression of love. Estate planning is not something you do for yourself. It is something you do for others.


Estate Planning for Children with Disabilities

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Lack of planning could have serious negative consequences for a child with a disability, whether it be a young child or an adult child.


Maintaining Your Living Trust

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

When properly prepared, a living trust avoids costly court processes. However, many people make a major mistake when they do not properly maintain their trust.


What is an Ethical Will?

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

An “Ethical Will” is a statement of personal values. It can set forth life philosophies, wishes, testimonials, almost any final message you want others to know.


Storing Your Estate Planning Documents

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Gathering necessary paperwork in one location will save your loved ones an irritating game of “find the forms” after your death. This is the perfect time to decide on a safe place to store all your estate-planning documents.


Common (and Costly) Estate Planning Mistakes

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Mistakes are often made with the best of intentions. Here are some estate planning mistakes you can avoid now to save yourself (and family) a fortune later.


How To Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Individuals who purchase “estate plans” at seminars are rarely properly served. Seminars should be attended for educational purposes and not for the purchasing of an “estate plan.”


How To: Lifetime Gifts

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

It may be better to give than to receive but, careful examination of both personal and tax considerations should be made before embarking on a course of lifetime gift giving.


How Can Taxes be Saved Upon Death?

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

“Cost basis” is the term used to describe the original cost of an asset. It is used to determine the taxable gain on the sale of that asset.


What is a Personal Representative?

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

A personal representative is the person named in a Will to handle the Will-writer’s property after death. It is the name of the person often referred to as an Executor or Administrator.