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The Best Way to Receive an Inheritance

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Getting an inheritance in trust may be the best way to get (or give) an inheritance.


Estate Planning: No Contest Clause

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

In order to discourage disappointed heirs from disputing your estate plan, you can include a “no-contest” provision that automatically cancels an heir’s inheritance if he or she challenges the distribution of your assets in any way.


How To: Lifetime Gifts

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

It may be better to give than to receive but, careful examination of both personal and tax considerations should be made before embarking on a course of lifetime gift giving.


What is a Beneficiary Designation?

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Beneficiary designations are contracts generally not governed by a will or trust such as life insurance policies, annuity contracts, IRAs, and other retirement plans.


Trust Disputes vs. Probate

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

A will or living trust may also create a separate trust when one spouse dies, in order to shield up a significant portion of the estate from later estate taxes. Such trusts are designed to save money by avoiding probate fees and delays, and by deferring or reducing estate taxes.