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The Best Way to Receive an Inheritance

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Getting an inheritance in trust may be the best way to get (or give) an inheritance.


Family Planning: Helping With Ill Will

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

If you die without a will or trust, a court will decide … who will inherit your property. The result could well be contrary to your wishes.


How To Fund Your Living Trust

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Many people choose a living trust in their estate plan. However, major mistakes can be made when they do not properly fund their trusts.


Death and Title to Assets

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Many times when someone dies owning property in his or her name, the surviving family members do not take the necessary steps to clear title to the property. Although this is common, it can create future problems.

Limited Liability Company concept. Businessman touched LLC word icon on virtual screen. Business, industry, medicine, real estate, auto manufacture, finance, internet, store start up strategy

Asset Protection for Professionals and Business Owners

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

If you are a Utah business owner, an individual in a high liability profession (like a physician or contractor), or if you are an individual with a high net worth, a Utah asset protection trust can help protect you and your family.