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Discussing Estate Planning with Loved Ones

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

I always advise my clients to let their family members know that they have done estate planning and where the documents are located. At a minimum … family members must know that planning has been done.


Family Planning: Helping With Ill Will

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

If you die without a will or trust, a court will decide … who will inherit your property. The result could well be contrary to your wishes.


Elder Abuse and Prevention

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Caring for older people can be a difficult and stress-provoking task. More than two-thirds of elder abuse perpetrators are family members of the victims, typically serving in a caregiving role.


Better Estate Planning

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

An effective estate plan has many benefits and involves recognizing four challenges: death, outliving resources, emergencies, and mental or physical disability.


Drafting Your Own Will or Trust

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

When people ask me if they can do their own estate planning, my simple answer is “yes.” There are many wills that were prepared by the decedent.


How To Fund Your Living Trust

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Many people choose a living trust in their estate plan. However, major mistakes can be made when they do not properly fund their trusts.


Estate Planning for Singles

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Singles face the inevitable as much as anyone else. You need to make your important personal decisions or the courts may do it for you.


Spring Cleaning and Estate Planning

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

It’s almost the New Year! If you know someone who has a messy or old estate plan, it may soon be time for some “Spring cleaning.”


Charitable Gift Giving

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

Doing charitable things in life feels good, which is part of what the Christmas Season is all about. And, giving to a charity or worthy cause is one of those things that helps to ‘fill the soul.’


Can You Write Your Own Will?

By Barney McKenna & Olmstead |

A holographic will is a will that is written entirely in your own handwriting. No witnesses are required, and no portion of the will may be typed.